Erick Mitsak

Erick Mitsak has been immersed in thesbianic relations since he was a small child. Since then, he grew pubic hair and made his own decisions. Knowing nothing else however, he reverted back to the thesbians. Of course this may involve digging a hole for money, or dancing in a gyrating fashion to divert the swelling anger from convincing someone to park their car in a place that has earned them a fat parking fine. But convincing people is his life, and skill, and so he continues, digging.
His fake-Chinese language-skills encourage many to do better, and it is with this attitude, he has learned to run, and jump, and skip whilst singing in false-setto, always seeking to improve his cardio-vascular without ongoing exercise. His family adage of ‘don’t do today what can be put off for tomorrow’ has earned him his stripes. Large, red, welt-like stripes on his back and neck, which he wears with pride. Pride is a cream his mother concocted for such stripes, which is essentially a pavlova in a blender. Sweet.

These days, Erick is transfixed by the eternal shifting of the future, which takes seconds. Continually. Erick is then forced to parcel these seconds into packets of 60, which takes roughly a minute, but inevitably, when the future starts melting further away by this crude 60-clump ungainly laboured into a 60-clump of its own, he rejoices his old family adage, and effortlessly takes an hour off, waiting for the future to start again.

Here’s to the future!

Photo by Richard Smallwood.