Amateur Hour, the brain-child of Melbourne’s favourite music nerd Laura Imbruglia, is a web based variety show bringing together a stellar cast of local Australian bands, artists, performers, and straight up weirdos. Each episode features a selection of interviews, skits, surprises, curios and live music filmed in Melbourne’s most iconic bars and rehearsal spaces. This is a unique arts & culture show created by the artists of Australia.

AHa! – A New Australian Arts & Culture News Hub.
Once AH went live, we were inundated with requests to review shows and profile artists across various artforms. We’ve risen to the challenge to meet that demand, in the form of AHa! – a real-time feed of curated recommendations and profiles across the arts.


We miss Recovery. We miss Countdown. We even miss Hey Hey. We miss the much needed support and showcase of creatives in Australia. We have such a long and successful history of wild variety shows that we’ve watched disappear as funding for tv has dried up. The weirder tv options have definitely fallen by the wayside, and we want to change that.

We want to showcase local talent from a local perspective in a way that is distinctly Australian – slap dash, DIY and above all else: chaotic fun.


We have collected an incredible array of talent both on and off screen. Everyone has signed on out of pure passion and a genuine desire to support our arts and culture scene.
We are calling in favours throughout the arts world to get this show off the ground. You’ll see industry veterans across many disciplines side by side with fascinating people you’ve never heard of or seen before. You’ll be befuddled, entertained, dazzled.


Laura has rounded up her favourite musicians, visual artists, actors and comedians and asked them to appear on, or contribute content for the show.
You can expect to see a range of talented artists performing across all manner of genres…one day it will be Sarah Blasko, the next it will be Batpiss.
Laura Jean will show you how to cook with minimal ingredients and even less enthusiasm. Ray Ahn from punk legends The Hard-Ons will illustrate his tour memories for you in real time. American Comedian Neil Hamburger will solve mysteries sent in by the viewing audience.
You can bet your ass it’ll be good.


We released the very 1st episode of our 6 episode pilot season on Tues Sept 1 2015 at 8PM. Following that, we aired 1 x episode each fortnight (same day, same time) on this website via our youtube channel (subscribe now so you be notified when we make more episodes). We’re now in production on Season 2, and we’re uploading 1 segment/mini-video per week. More fun more often! We’ll assemble all these segments (and more) into 7 x episodes at the end of production, and have a big end of Season 2 party to celebrate. Stay tuned for more info!



ABC Iview Arts have acquired parts of Season 1. We have received grants towards Season 2 Production from Creative Victoria, APRA AMCOS and City of Melbourne. We raised 15k in crowdfunding too. All this resulted in a progression from $0 to $50k production budget within a year. Pretty impressive considering we’re largely a bunch of amateurs, huh? Live your dreams, kids!


Do you love us and want to help? If so, the most helpful thing you can do (beyond telling everyone you know to watch the show or volunteering your sandwich-making skills) is to support us by donating to our season 2 fund here. We love you.